Almost 100 years ago, our father, Rob Roy McGregor, a Canadian college graduate from McMaster, arrived in the European war zone to serve his country in WW1. Soldiers' letters from the war zone allow a glimpse into the reality of the day to day world of the war. How fortunate we are to have, not a letter or two, but three years of weekly family letters, covering all of his experiences during that time. These letters (nearly 150) are now presented here in scanned and transcribed form, along with biographical background both before and after his military experience.

By the time you have read this well written prose with McGregor's unique style of humor and pathos, you will feel that you know this man as he lived through The Great War at the front. His letters make for fascinating reading even by people who knew him not, as his style of writing and his descriptions of life, both in the front lines as well as London, Glasgow and Paris, can immerse the reader in a time gone by. Gone by and yet eerily familiar.

The letters cover three years in his life, but our biography shows his early life and follows him through a very successful scientific career as a pioneer of the silicone industry. We are proud to present this material as a tribute to our father, and to make it available to anyone who is interested.